A Novel by Hillary Tiefer

Lily's Home Front

War, prejudice, and love—these are the challenges for Lily Gordon, a young woman welder on World War II Liberty Ships.

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Coming in Fall 2018

Lily’s Home Front

During World War II, Lily Gordon, a twenty-year-old welder on Liberty Ships, is in love with the soldier, Jim Harper. Tensions arise when Jim’s family disapproves of Lily being Jewish. Despite both their families’ objections, Lily and Jim marry. Soon afterwards, Jim leaves with his Army division for Europe. He not only risks his life fighting, his Army division liberates a Nazi death camp, where he gains a true understanding of the horrors of bigotry. During this terrible time of war, Lily gains a new perspective about what to value in life.

Hillary Tiefer

Although originally from the East, Hillary Tiefer considers herself an Oregonian and enjoys the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. She has a Ph.D. in English and is a former college professor. Her short stories have been published in several journals, among them, Descant, Blue Moon Literary and Art Review, Grey Sparrow Journal, Mission at Tenth, Poetica Magazine, Red Rock Review, and JuxtaProse Literary Magazine. She lives in Portland with her husband, Jeff.

Hillary Tiefer
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Lily’s Home Front

Publisher: Moonshine Cove Publishing
ISBN number: 9781945181450

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