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“Lily is a courageous, feisty protagonist … A compelling story, rich in historical detail, that keeps the reader turning the pages for more.”—Barbara Ridley, Award Winning Author of When It’s Over

“Lily … puts in long hours at her Portland, Oregon shipyard; she also speaks out against injustice and bigotry … Written in personal and economical prose … a page-turner.”—Harry Miller, author of Southern Rain

“A vibrant and unexpected portrait of Portland, Oregon in the 1940’s, painted through the eyes of unconventional heroine, Lily, a young Jewish welder of ships going off to war. Readers will lose themselves in the rich layers of story that make up this extraordinary novel — a novel that captures a period of history we must never forget.”—Dawn Thompson, Portland Women Writers

“…Tiefer is an important new talent and the novel, a welcome addition to the female perspective of American life in the fraught days of the Second World War.”Karla Bennett Brunner, MA, English, M.Ed, Poet, Editor and retired English professor

“…A woman finds love in a turbulent time, during the heyday of WWII, but as the novel so lucidly reveals, not all battles were being fought overseas. America had its own demons to face, and Tiefer does an admirable job of blending them into a narrative that moves along at a fast clip and never resorts to preaching.”—Neil Laird, Executive Producer, Discovery Channel

“… Like a bite of my favorite dessert, I waited for the next layer of Lily’s life and character to be revealed…a wonderful story… This novel is poignant, fantastically written, and feels so important to us today.”—Sidra Quinn, past Associate Editor of Voice Catcher, Author of Writing & Energy Medicine

“Lily’s wartime experiences reflect so much of what women handled during those times… the opposition to interfaith marriage, anti-Semitism, or racial discrimination…Lily’s Home Front offers a fresh and satisfying peek into a slice of history often overlooked and should not be missed.”—Barb Warner Deane, author of On The Homefront and Killing Her Softly

“…Situated in the shadow of the Holocaust, the term ‘historical novel’ belies the disconcerting relevance for our times.”—Susan Rostan, author of Digging: Lifting the Memorable from Within the Unthinkable

“A well-researched and terrific story about a young woman’s struggle to balance love for husband, family, and country during WWII with her determination to fight the racial, religious, and gender discrimination so pervasive in the US at that time.”—Hillary Stern, author of The Garment Maker’s Daughter